Car Locator Issue

🚗 Solving and understanding a real-life challenge.

Ideology: There’s been a lot of noise pollution around the office premises because employees use their car alarms to find their cars in the parking lot. Thus, helping the employees find their cars without making any noise.

Suppose you work in a company with over 15,000 colleagues and all of their cars are parked on the main campus. You often “lose” your car in the lot & find your colleagues wandering around clicking their door alarms to find their cars. The noise pollution at the end of the day is terrible!

Brainstorming solution: We have to connect the parking slot of each car with their car owners at every point of time, till the car is parked.

One of the common solutions would be dividing the parking lots and along with each employee a fixed slot for their parking purpose. This should solve the problem, but wait! What if people in hurry don’t park their car in the right place that would probably result in a bigger problem!

Study has shown that usually people take time to get adapted to such customs and we are not certain of how much time.

We must think of something that they are accustomed to, like something that they frequently use at work…yes! They must be having a common company application on which everyone must be connected, that will do for sure.

Idea is to add a feature on that app that will help employees find their cars.

Challenge is how to fit this feature in the app without removing something from the home screen, yet it should be prominent.

I thought of an assistive ball that will satisfy the need & will be prominent as well as easy to use. That assistive ball will lead the employees to the blue-print of their parking lot, where they can see the occupied and blank slots too.

They only have to tap on the empty space and mark their spot as occupied.

Now when after your office hours you will be having the accurate position of your car on your mobile screen, helping you and your colleagues as well as reducing unnecessary noise caused!

Here is the link to the UI of the feature: