🚀 Highlights from my product design internship with the Innovaccer design team

Winter was coming ❄️
It was that time of the college year when campus intern hiring was at its peak. Before the intern rush started to get to my head, I decided to get things done my way — it was time to hone some skills…

Sneaking in 👀

Decided then, I went on an intern hunt for the coming winter. Jotted down a couple of organizations of interest. Simultaneously I started drafting cold email templates and began sending ’em off (the first time I ever used the scheduling feature too efficiently :P)

🍴 A case study for improving daily food ordering flow.

Swiggy Schedule

How Swiggy can help their customers to make more precise orders under their time constraints.



As a part of a design challenge, my goal is to design a solution to improve the food ordering experience for millennial users. Since a lot of regular users feel that while there are a lot of options for them to order from, they don’t tend to have time on their hands when they actually want to order something. A major question remains: How to design solutions in a way to drive the users to choose with the easiest way in minimum exertion possible?



🐾 fílos means friend in Greek.

A Pet adoption app concept designed as a part of a personal project- helps connect people looking for a new pet keeping in consideration their lifestyle.



Design an experience that focuses on formulating solutions to critical problems through design thinking and process within 3 days.

Problem Statement

Millions of animals are currently in shelters, foster homes, and streets awaiting adoption.

The focus is on designing an experience that will help to connect people looking for a new pet with the right companion for them keeping in mind their lifestyle considering factors including breed, gender, age, temperament, and health status. …

❤ First industry experience as UX design intern

Shot on my phone 👅

The summer has been wrenching! Can’t be thankful enough to InterMine for seasoning it throughout. Being the first time industry experience as a design intern — defining and blazoning myself to such exposure has been quite a journey. I’d love to share what and how I learned things up there, which will hopefully be of some value to others.

Selection through Outreachy

One of the things I highly appreciate about this program is that — they highly encourage students to write their experience, which not only improves the routine habit of rookies (like me) but also helps people around the globe looking for…

🚀 Progress made so far on the Outreachy intern period

It’s been halfway through the intern period and I can clearly notice that things don’t always go as planned. Decisions have to be amended according to the circumstances and that’s how it works :)

Generous in getting insights on how the work goes throughout the intern period- this is the page! I will be discussing here- the Intern timeline that I prepared, weekly hours dedicated, accomplished goals and the left outs, highs and lows in the duration along with expectations and reality of certain ‘things’ and how I dealt with them or not or have I ?! xD

Talking about…

📝 Let’s talk, think and write for users ;)

Typewriters are so aesthetic though😍

To get a subscription for this daily writing challenge: — here. Worth it! Hitting on some real-world issues along with brainstorming on content writing for better user experience- left me some good satisfaction =]

Let’s do this 🚀

🚀 How did I get selected as an Outreachy intern

What is Open Source? How Outreachy works? What skills do I require to get in? Can I even do this!? What are the contributions? how to prepare a proposal? When should I start and how hard is it?!

If this is your current state, relax! I’ve been there too. Personally, I’ve faced a lot of trouble gathering the information as such on Open Source events. Hence here laid out all the information needed from the very beginning i.e first PR to creating your own proposal. On the way, I’ll be sharing bits and pieces of my experience gained throughout my…

🚗 Solving and understanding a real-life challenge.

Ideology: There’s been a lot of noise pollution around the office premises because employees use their car alarms to find their cars in the parking lot. Thus, helping the employees find their cars without making any noise.

Suppose you work in a company with over 15,000 colleagues and all of their cars are parked on the main campus. You often “lose” your car in the lot & find your colleagues wandering around clicking their door alarms to find their cars. The noise pollution at the end of the day is terrible!

Roshni Prajapati


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